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Bangerlands 3: the best Borderlands 3 porn parody game

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Bangerlands 3

Inspired by the game Borderlands, Bangerlands 3 is a porn adventure game. Since it's a kind of parody of Borderlands, you will of course find the same style of graphics. Bangerlands is much more than an adventure game because it also integrates many sex scenarios in which you can give orders. If you're looking for a sex game like Borderlands then you absolutely must play Bangerlands 3!

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Bangerlands 3 gameplay

As in any adventure game the main objective will be to walk around the game to discover the world and accomplish different missions. And as Bangerlands is primarily a porn game, there will also be a lot of sexual scenes throughout your adventure. Frankly, there's nothing better than a good sex game after a hard day's work. With Bangerlands you will be able to enjoy fucking everyone. After playing this game you immediately feel more relaxed.

Find the characters of Borderlands 3

As Bangerlands is an adult parody of the game Borderlands you will obviously find the same characters. You will find for example Moze, Amara, Moxxi, Lilith and even Tiny Tina. If these characters excite you in the official game you will see even sexier characters in the parody! And on top of that you can make love to these girls any way you want. If you fantasize about these characters in Bangerlands 3 you will finally be able to act. And if you ever feel like fucking lots of girls in an orgy we recommend this famous gang bang simulator game!

Our Bangerlands 3 review

Bangerlands 3 is an hardcore porn game the way we like it! That is to say a lot of sex scenes with sometimes violent sex and especially beautiful graphics! If you like adventure games like Borderlands and you also like adult sex games then you will definitely love Bangerlands 3!

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