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Jerkdolls Review: Porn Game with Virtual Sex Dolls

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The phenomenon of sex dolls is really taking off in Asia. It is therefore not surprising that video game studios have been looking into the matter. The development of Jerkdolls is therefore not a surprise since there is indeed a demand from fans of this type of sexual practice. Nothing very complicated, the concept itself is so simplistic that we have the right to ask ourselves if there is a real interest in giving time and energy to this type of game. If you think about it, you can see some real advantages to play Jerkdolls. Let's make things clear from the start, it is not made for passive players, no need to argue on this fact because it is easy to understand why. On the other hand, all active players and especially those who have a very strong inclination for domination will find their account there.

Presentation of the porn game Jerkdolls

As you may have guessed, but for the sake of ethics we'll say it, Jerkdolls is an online porn game for adults. It is strictly speaking virtual pornography that will help you to squirt around the room by skilfully using one of your hands while the other is busy fucking the virtual sluts that the game graciously puts at your disposal. This is not a melodramatic style scenario, life is much finer than that sometimes, so there's no need to complicate it unnecessarily. This means that your role, as simplistic as it may be, if you accept it, will be to make all these sex dolls your docile slaves and to fuck them furiously every time your libido will command your brain. No more being a vulgar spectator like when you masturbate in front of a good porn movie, from now on you're Rocco Siffredi and you have to show all your know-how in cock handling and titty kneading.

Like a god on top of the Olympus, from the top of your keyboard you can create your characters to animate your universe and dominate them as you wish. A world of pixels all your own, where you will be a great lord with as many sex slaves as you want. Hold on to your hats because the risk of becoming a megalomaniac pervert does exist. However, whether you succumb to this sweet lecherous perversity or not, it remains exciting and you will be able to cum repeatedly as long as your purses carry a minimum of semen in them. The goal of the game is to satisfy all kinds of fantasies. Since you are a creator first and foremost, you will have the opportunity to reproduce on screen the type of chick that gives you a hard-on. Young and beautiful sexy sluts can be part of your lot as well as mature and experienced sluts who still have so much to offer you. A sweet mix of sensuality and brutality will introduce you to a new way of indulging in carnal pleasures and you won't regret your choice, especially since it's riding on a wave of success that's bringing satisfaction to many gamers around the world.

Jerkdolls gameplay

While playing this game for adults, you may have a good time without having to wipe your leek because the immersion is so present. The graphics are certainly perfectible, but they are more than enough to give you a hard-on and to plunge you into a world of well-being where the feeling of pleasure will invade you until you have finished your game. The joy of grinding all those breasts and stuffing all those pussies is offered to you in this quality porn game. All without any download! Some fantasies are easier to express than others, with the Jerkdolls sex game even the ones you dare not say in half words come to life in complete privacy. No one will know that you have formed a harem of sexy girls with the sole purpose of fucking them as you please.

Pros and cons of Jerkdolls

It's common sense not to be picky about what you get as a gift, especially if it's an explosively enjoyable one. And you should know that Jerkdolls is undoubtedly a magnificent present that will take you into the darkest and most obscene abysses of virtual pleasures.

However, it is our duty to warn you about what may become the object of your desires. Although this is an online porn game, you will have to go through the registration phase which will require you to enter your bank details. One of the advantages that will help you to dive into the game is certainly the numerous settings in which you can lead your unbridled lifestyle. In fact, you will be able to fuck these dirty girls in unusual places such as private jets or even make them climb the curtain in slums. We won't mention all of them so as not to spoil the surprise, but just know that your imagination will guide you to amazing discoveries.

Jerkdolls review: our final verdict

The fact that you can play it on many platforms such as smartphones and tablets in addition to PCs, contributes considerably to the fame of the game. You can have fun at any time and should not deprive yourself of it as soon as you have some free time in front of you. Sodomy, interracial gang bangs, orgies and other such lewd pleasures await you in Jerkdolls. Give yourself a treat without wasting any time.

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