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Best Sex Game App for Couples on Android and iOS

Best sex game for couples

Are you looking for a way to spice up your sex life with your partner? Look no further than this sex game app! This app is the best way to get the chemistry going that's fun and free. You can find it available for both Android and iOS. Find out how to make your intimate moments sexier and more exciting, using this sex game app with your partner tonight!

The Best Sex Game for Couples on the App Store

Sex game app for couples

This game isn't for getting to know personalities better or spending casual time as a couple; it's a way to get dirty fast. You'll take turns daring each other into doing your favorite activities under the covers. Simply type in your names, as well as your favorite foreplays moves, positions, and hottest ideas. The game will take note of your requests and offer "dares" to perform on each other. It's a simple way to get intimate.

Millions of couples have downloaded this sex game app to make sex more exciting. It offers hundreds of sex challenges to try out and experiment with, not to mention a night full of laughs and arousing memories.

You'll never run out of ways to dare each other. Find out who can be the naughtiest with your favorite foreplay pleasures, like massages, deep kissing, and stripteases.

What's the Goal of This Sex Game App?

Spice Things Up

There's magic when you have sex with your partner at the beginning of your relationship. It's the time to get to know each other's bodies, preferences, and favorite dirty activities when everything is new and exciting. Sadly, we all know this honeymoon phase doesn't last forever.

Nowadays, your sex life might eventually need a boost.

Couples all over have turned to this sex game app for precisely that sexy little boost. It does the trick; it's a way to try something new and get reacquainted with your partner, as if for the first time.

Try New Things in Bed

Because you dare your partner to perform sexual requests, you encourage each other to try new things in bed. The game allows you to explore fantasies and turn-ons you've never brought up as a couple.

If you follow the dares, you'll never have a night of routine, monotonous sex. This sex game app encourages each night to be full of new, pleasurable activities, leading to a night that's both unique and satisfying.

Foreplay Game

Not everyone is good at foreplay, and it's easy for your usual moves to get old after a while. This sex game app gives you new ideas for getting steamy and leading to unexplored territory.

Bring your iPhone, iPad, or Android with you to bed at night—or wherever and whenever you feel like having some naughty fun. This little game comes in handy if you both struggle to get intimate around busy schedules.

You can break the ice with this sex game app, especially if your partner isn't in the mood. You can play after a long day of work, on a relaxing weekend at home, or whenever you want to get steamy and kick your urges into overdrive.

Who Is It for? Who Can Play It?

It doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, gay or straight, or somewhere in between: any couple can play this game. It's not a sex game for singles though—you need someone to dare you to get naughty and freaky. Before choosing dares, each person can set gender and sexual preferences to specify the dares based on who's playing.

Overall, this app is for any couple looking to experiment with each other or even another couple. If you're nervous about swinging, suggest this sex game app to kick off the chemistry.

How to Play This Sex Game for Couples?

This game couldn't be easier to start. Here's how it works in a few steps:

  • Download the app. First, head over to the app store to download this sex game app.
  • Configure each player's name. Write in your partner's name; it comes in handy when it's time to write in dares.
  • Select one or more categories of play. You can choose from categories such as Foreplay, Hard, Submission, and Anal.
  • Play with your partner next to you on the same device. Now you're ready for action. Pass your iPhone, Android, or iPad back and forth and see what happens!
Sex game app for couples Select categories Add your own dares Dirty dares game

Is It a Sex Game to Play Remotely or Over Text?

Even though it's an app, this game isn't one you and your partner can play long-distance. You have to be next to each other for it to work.

The whole point of playing the sex game app is to encourage sexual fun in person. You can't do this over text or speaking on the phone because it will never lead to sex together while you're playing the game.

Features of this Sex Game for Couples App

Hundreds of Dirty Dares

With this app, you'll discover hundreds of prompts to lead to great sex. This game isn't just for playing once, you can uncover steamy new moves and sensual suggestions every night or day. Break out this game whenever you're feeling up to trying new things, and you'll always receive fun dares you've never tried.

Add as Many Players as You Want

This game is exciting because it doesn't limit you to two players—add a third player or another couple! You can choose how many players you want to involve, leading to more adventurous sex and exciting new intimacies.

Dares Become Hotter and Hotter as You Play

The sex game app progresses in intensity—you'll ease into a dare, only to find yourself pushing your limits by the end of the night.

Add Your Own Dares

If you have an idea for a challenge, you can enter it and make your own category! You can also specify if this dare is for both of you, just your partner, or multiple people when playing in a group.

Where Can I Download This Sex Game for Couples?

Your sex life isn't in trouble; you just need a new way to fire up your passions. If you're looking to spice up your sex life with your partner, try this sex game tonight. This iOS and android app is a fun way to bring you two closer together.

It's available for free on Android and iOS on any app store. Download it today on your phone or iPad to spice up your sex life with your partner tonight!