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Hardcore Sex Simulator: an extreme porn game for adults

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Hardcore Sex Simulator

Hardcore Simulator is an extreme sex simulation game. This game has been specially created for fans of hardcore and violent sex. If you are looking for a porn game where you can be a real alpha male then this extreme sex game is for you!

A little warning before you play this game anyway. There is a lot of hard and brutal sex scenes in this game. If you are not ready to see this kind of scene then don't play this game and try another sex simulator like Sex Emulator instead.

An extreme sex game with hard sex scenes

If you're still here it's because you want to play a good porn game with hard sex. In Hardcore Simulator sex is not censored and you will see everything! Plus, this game is very realistic. Whether it's the 3D graphics or the sound effects this game is very well done.

Ready to fuck pretty girls in this virtual porn game? Before you can fuck anyone you will have to create a free account on the website. This way you will be able to customize your character and choose who you want to fuck. What do you want the most? A good deep throat, anal sex or classic domination? Choose your own scenarios and have a good time with the most beautiful girls in the world!

Our review on this extreme sex simulator game

Hardcore Simulator is an awesome hard porn game, for that there is no doubt! If this is what you are looking for then this game will satisfy your desire for sure. But if you are afraid of seeing shocking things or scenes that are too brutal then go ahead and try other games.

Take advantage of the free trial to play this game for free and make your own opinion. This way you will see how good the graphics are. And if you ever want more hardcore porn game in the same genre we can recommend this bondage porn game or this sex slave game for those who like BDSM.

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