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Dick Dolls: the best shemale sex game for adults

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Dick Dolls (Shemale)

If you are looking for sex video games in which there are transsexuals (shemales) then Dick Dolls is the right choice! You can also test the game if you are curious to know more about transsexuals. Maybe seeing a woman with a dick fucking another woman excites you... Ready to read the Dick Dolls complete review?

What is a shemale or a transsexual?

Before going further in the presentation of this tranny sex game let's start with a small definition of what is a transsexual. If you already know you can skip this part.

According to Wikipedia, a transsexual woman (or shemale) is a transsexual person who was designated male at birth. However, her identity is female. One can also call a transsexual woman a shemale. Moreover a shemale has feminine and masculine characteristics. That is to say that a transsexual woman has notably boobs and a penis.

A game with sexy women with cocks

As Dick Dolls is an adult porn game with shemale you will see only women in this game. There will be pretty girls but also super hot transsexual women with big breasts and of course a penis...

Dick Dolls offers several game modes. You have an NSFW mode if you ever want a soft sex game. You have an erotic mode and also an extreme (hard) mode for those who like hardcore and violent sex games. If you choose the latter then get ready to see brutal porn scenes!

At the beginning of this shemale sex game you will be able to choose your sexual partner among a selection of 4 transsexual women. You will have the choice between Jenny a beautiful blonde who loves sexy lingerie. You also have Cecilia, a mixed-race sports fan. Then you have Jamie, a super-hot brunette with beautiful tits. And finally, you have Mia, another blonde who spends her days at the gym to maintain her dream body.

Don't worry, your choice of partner is not final. As soon as you have completed the first level you can change characters and you will have access to many more shemales.

This trans porn game is really suitable for all preferences. You will be able to choose the type of sexual experience you are looking for in this game. You will have the choice between casual sex, hardcore sex or even rough sex.

Our final Dick Dolls review

It's the first time that we test a shemale porn game on and to tell you the truth we were rather pleasantly surprised! In general, we are not fans of porn videos with transsexual women but Dick Dolls managed to turn us on anyway!

In the game Dick Dolls the shemales are ultra-sexy and there is something for everyone. There are really a lot of characters available and you can customize a lot of things to improve the game experience. The 3D graphics and soundtrack are of very good quality. Anyway, we had a really good time playing this adult sex game.

If you like transsexual women or you are just looking for sex games with shemales then Dick Dolls is for you! This game is way better than the old porn flash games so go ahead and try it for free right now.

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