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Pornstar Harem Test and Review: Brand New Free Porn Game to Play Online

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Pornstar harem

Who hasn't fantasized about becoming a great porn actor? Maybe you yourself woke up one morning completely soaked with the "morning-glory" after a dream in the skin of an ultra hardcore X movie actor. What if we told you that this dream can virtually come true thanks to a new, completely insane game: Pornstar Harem.

In this free porn game where censorship doesn't exist, you'll find yourself in the shoes of an actor in a sex movie and you'll be able to bang the most beautiful creatures of the porn industry. Thanks to its ultra-realistic graphics, you will literally explode with desire and pleasure with crazy cinematics. Personally, we tested it and we loved it!

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Pornstar Harem: an uncensored porn game

To begin with, Pornstar Harem is a new sex game straight out of the fantasy world of a famous pornographic production studio, designer of SexEmulator games, some of which have become very famous. For this latest installment, the creators wanted to go even further to give you even more solo fun.

This game has no limits, you will be able to do whatever you want with the girls and realize all your wildest fantasies to take even more pleasure. You are a porn actor and all the girls will literally fight to enjoy a moment of sex with you. Some of them are even willing to fulfill fantasies that you have not yet fulfilled and that you have not even imagined, even in your wildest dreams.

To keep your status as the best porn actor, you're going to have to build up a harem of ultra-excitable girls and make them do unmentionable things. But very soon, you'll realize that you're not the only one on the market and you'll have to become a real sex beast to be the most successful and most desired. As for the girls, you'll be able to fuck them anywhere, anytime, in any position and with and without gadgets.

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About the game's story

The starting story is as follows. You are an unemployed web developer who wants to develop your own business by creating a great online camgirl platform. Unfortunately, to complete your project, you need a lot of money which you don't have. After a series of small jobs, you meet the beautiful Shawna who will open the doors to the world of porn and help you become a porn star. Very quickly, you will become very powerful and you will become aware that you have an unlimited power of sexual attraction. This is going to bring you a lot of success in business and you are going to be able to set up a lot of businesses, all related to sex.

So your mission, if you accept it, will be to travel the world to fuck as many girls as possible by living sex scenes with impressive and especially very exciting scenarios. As you earn rewards, you'll be able to win new girls to add to your harem and compete with girls from other harems to win and keep your title of best porn actor of all time.

About the graphics

The first thing that stands out in the game is the realism of the graphics. We have to admit that the designers of the game have done particularly well. You will be able to experience incredible fuck scenes as if you were there. You won't be able to count the number of orgasms you have in front of the screen, since you'll probably have one in every scenario. Moreover, to allow you to fully enjoy the game, you will be able to play with only one hand.

So on the graphics side, the illusion is beautiful well at the rendezvous and the details are particularly well worked. You'll get a lot of eye candy. On the other hand, if you prefer more animated Japanese manga-style graphics, we advise you to check out the Hentai games section instead.

About the scenario

The story is simple to understand, you won't need to think to understand the plot and that's what is usually asked of sex games just like porn movies for that matter.

Nevertheless, the game is quite rich since every sex scene you will have to play as well as all the girls you will do just for fun throughout your progress will all be very different, and will evolve as the game goes on. Sometimes you'll experience a blowjob scene, sometimes you'll get into more hardcore sex with sex toys.

About the voices and sounds

Here again, in terms of sound, the game presents a good rendering to put you in an atmosphere conducive to the rise of excitement. So you'll be able to achieve pleasure by hearing the girls say dirty things to you and hearing them cum and ask you for more.

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Pornstar Harem gameplay

The principle of the game is very simple. As you progress, you will earn rewards and most importantly a lot of money. This will give you a lot of power, but also a lot of sexual attraction. To put it simply, the more girls you fuck in the game, the richer, more powerful and more virile you will become. The richer, more powerful and manly you become, the more girls will dare to do mind-blowing things with you.


In Pornstar Harem you will evolve in the game by completing different quests. The principle of the quest is simple, it will consist of fucking one or more girls according to the rules of a well established scenario. These different scenarios are particularly well thought out and the quality of the graphics gives the sex scenes a remarkable realism. In particular, it is during these quests that you will give yourself the most pleasure in solitary, because that is indeed the objective of a masturbation game.

In the game, you will find main quests and side quests

During the main quest or the ongoing quest, you will meet different sexual partners, all of them sexier, and all of them more eager for sex. They are willing to do anything to get pleasure and especially to have the chance to sleep with you. You won't need to seduce them, they will literally jump on you. The more girls you fuck, the more money and rewards you will earn. Some of the things you're going to have to do to succeed in your quests include:

  • You're going to participate in porn castings
  • You're going to throw parties that will end in orgies
  • You're going to take part in a gangbang
  • You will fight enemies with the girls in your harem
  • You will take part in countless orgies

In the side quests, you will find previously completed quests that you will be able to relive with incredible realism. If some parts of the game have particularly excited you to the point of orgasm, do not hesitate to return.

The harem

Your harem is your greatest pride in this game. Indeed, you are going to be able to collect girls there, each one sexier than the other. You are going to be able to equip them with new accessories, new attributes and develop their skills in the nightclubs. Thanks to this, you will be able to increase their performance and compete with the girls in other players' harems.

The Market

The concept of the market is particularly fun and exciting. It is to the different items and attributes that you are going to be able to make the girls in your harem even more sexy and attractive. In this market, you are going to find erotic clothes and accessories, skills and especially sex toys. This is the most important thing! With these improvements you will be able to perform more and prove to other harem owners that you are the best. To buy things on the market, you need to earn money. Now this money, you are going to be able to earn it by completing your primary quests and side quests, and you are also going to be able to earn this by frequenting the nightclubs in the game.

The Nightclub

This part of the gameplay is a lot of fun since it is in these places that you are going to be able to develop skills for the girls in your harem. However, in order to do this, you need money. To earn money, you will have to succeed in your quests and fuck a lot of other girls. So you will be able to choose the girl whose skills you want to increase and make her hotter and more experienced than ever. The goal is for you to have the hottest and most unbridled harem on the planet.

In the game, you will also be able to explore several modes:

Adventure mode: as we specified above, this is a mode in which you will explore the world by fucking girls through very sexy quests. This way you will earn a lot of money to spend at nightclubs to enhance your harem.

Activity mode: in which you will find daily objectives that will be updated every day and will allow you to gain skills. Missions, for which the rewards will be greater. Competitions to compete with other participants and earn even more skills. You will earn medals and climb the leaderboard to become the best.

Section mode: in which you will compete against the best players. You will also get great rewards for improving your girls.

Pornstar Harem: free or paid game

The game Pornstar Harem is one of those games that are called free to play. This means that all you need is an Internet connection to play it. Moreover, the format of the game adapts perfectly to all types of screens. You can play it on your PC, on a tablet or on your smartphone. You will be able to access the gameplay in any circumstances and wherever you are. If you want to take a break at work and go straight to the bathroom with your phone and headphones, you can do it without any problem. Same thing at home to hide from your roommates or girlfriend.

To play Pornstar Harem, you just need to prove that you are well over 18. This is because porn games contain very extensive, uncensored and sometimes hardcore sex scenes that are not suitable for underage children. So, if you're not 18, skip it and go back to your Pokémon cards!

The great thing about Pornstar Harem is that all you have to do to play it is go to the game's website using your browser. You won't need to enter your credit card details to play it. Just go to the site and access the gameplay by creating your space. So this is a really free online porn game.

Our review of Pornstar Harem

After testing the game PornStar Harem, we will give you our impressions.

Of course, the gameplay is not as crazy and as worked as some paid sex games where you have to sign up with your bank card. Nevertheless, it must be said that for a 100% free game, it has some big advantages that are likely to please you a lot and especially turn you on a lot.

For starters, the graphics are pretty good and the sex scenes are very realistic. It helps a lot to take pleasure. The storyline is pretty well put together and it's mostly simple to understand. What we like most of all is the diversity of the game modes and the rather interesting gameplay which is based on a simple principle: earn rewards and money during quests, go spend them at the nightclub and at the market to improve your girls' abilities, and then face other players by comparing your girls' performances. We also appreciate the free aspect and the ease of access, as well as the fact that you can isolate yourself in discrete places with your smartphone to play.

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