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Boobs in the City: we tested this hentai FPS game for you!

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Boobs in the City

If we were to have fun making an objective ranking of the best hentai FPSs on the market, there is no doubt that Boobs in the City would occupy a top spot. The recipe of this hentai game: sexy and naughty girls, a rain of boobs, a championship of water games and erotic scenes to spend very hot nights. Here is our detailed review of this free porn game.

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Play a kinky coach and train hot girls

Boobs in the City is a shooter that takes the player on a thrilling adventure where bikinis, lingerie and sexy outfits instantly hook hentai fans. In the shoes of a coach with the physique of Apollo, you manage a team composed of sexy girls straight out of Japanese cartoons. Your mission, should you accept it, is to train this little gang to handle water guns well in order to win the championship that pits several teams against each other.

As a good coach, you must be very close to these young ladies to get to know them in order to help them as best you can. Individual sessions will then allow you to use tricks and objects to discover the personality of each of them. Don't see the erotic side of this game yet? Just wait a little longer. It's precisely during the one-on-ones that you'll be able to turn up the heat and let your fantasies run wild.

In the dormitory, you will spend erotic moments with these female characters in naughty positions worthy of the greatest sex parties. Boobs in the City is clearly one of those free porn games, accessible without downloading, that allow you to have a very hot night. From your couch, you will be able to entertain yourself by indulging your fantasies.

Throughout this hentai game, the player has his girls fight against other characters. The matches won offer the possibility of getting rewards and boosting one's performance in bed. Victories are also necessary to discover new girls.

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Boobs in the City gameplay

Boobs in the City is a simple and effective 3rd person TPS or shooter. The player uses their thumbs to play. One finger helps to move while the second is used to aim/shoot. It will only take you a few minutes to understand the mechanism. A welcome tutorial is available to learn the basic moves. The fights are done in multiplayer mode 3 against 3. The pace is quite good and the grip is easy.

What is the goal of the game?

The main goal of the game is to win the championship and become a very good coach. To achieve this, you will need to win fights to unlock levels. The victories will ensure you important gains that will be useful to improve your team. The more powerful your team is, the more victories you will have and the harder erotic scenes.

On the other hand, the player has to reach goals to get access to new content like skins, members and training. As you will have understood, only victory will allow you to benefit from a windfall. In this hentai FPS, the player can earn tokens (the game's currency) and gifts through games. Give the gifts to the ladies to unlock their stories and gain access to the erotic scenes. Each girl has her own sexual positions. To be able to perform them, you will have to earn condoms to immerse yourself in your experience to the fullest.

Game details and features

The designers of this hentai game have spared no effort in order to offer clean and interesting content. Therefore, the technical features of this game have enough to hook more than one.

The graphics

With its neat and very good graphics, Boobs in the City stands out from most of the hentai TPSs flooding the market. From the character design to the costumes to the scenery and visuals during fights, nothing has been left to chance. Everything has been well thought out in order to produce an enjoyable and immersive game.

The sound

The music is catchy and immediately immerses the player in the atmosphere of the shooting game. The sound effects and voices of the ladies during the erotic romps are well worked and hyper realistic. Gamers and fans of hentai games on PC will find their pleasure tenfold with these sounds.

The animation

The animation is well done and has a dynamic gameplay. Not only are the characters well animated, but the fights and attacks are also well-paced. Pleasant to watch, the erotic scenes make you want to go further and further and finish the game. You will be all tingly when you see these scenes.

The multiplayer mode

The multiplayer mode is a real bonus in this hentai game. With this FPS, one has the opportunity to experience naughty or intimate moments with partners from all over the world. You can add your virtual friends to your team or chat online with them.

Game duration

Boobs in the City features impressive content with sexy characters, smooth storytelling and several weapons (guns, pistols, explosive toys). All these ingredients offer the possibility to keep the player on the edge of their seat for many hours. The lifespan of the characters is quite long. During combat, however, this is limited and short.

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How to play Boobs in the city?

Do you want to play this shooting game? An online registration is required before you can put on your coach outfits. This hentai game is designed for people who are over 18. Once you register, you are entitled to a tutorial that helps you explore the world of this hentai game and discover the characters, characters and basic moves. You start the game with one of the twelve girls who will serve as your guide. You have the choice between 12 girls all as sexy as each other. Their measurements will make you salivate with pleasure.

As you go along, you may have the opportunity to attract other girls to your team. You may even get married to one of them once you reach a sufficient level of intimacy with her.

Before starting a game, you'll have the choice of two game modes: water gun competition and defense raid. The latter features three players trying to protect the lucky cat over a 3-minute game. For the water pistol competition, it is the 3-on-3 multiplayer mode, where everyone gets their own score.

Boobs in the City: free or paid porn game?

Boobs in the City is a free porn game. So you have the possibility to have fun in front of this hentai game for hours without taking anything out of your pocket. You have tokens that allow you to buy gang bang coins, weapons or even gold coins.

What to do when you run out of chips? Should you stop playing and move on? No, surely not. This hentai game provides for the possibility of buying new coins with a bank card (Visa or Mastercard). One can also use their online wallets like PayPal or paysafecard. The purchase of tokens is also possible with some cryptocurrencies and through some online banks to enhance the experience in this FPS.


With twelve girls each with their own story, the player has no time to get bored in front of his screen. Moreover, they each have several skills, attacks and costumes. The weapons are varied in this free porn game and the characters' movements are quite fluid. You canimprove the girls' skillsthrough training or directly through the "improve" section to manage their potential.


Players do not have the ability to customize their avatars. Nor can they push their fantasy far by creating their own character. This might not sit well with a lot of gamers who are hentai lovers.

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Our review of Boobs in the City

Boobs in the City is not the best hentai FPS of all time, but it serves its purpose perfectly. It offers rich and extensive content that keeps the player on the edge of their seat for hours. The few small flaws should not prevent you from treating yourself to this hentai game. The shooting or erotic scenes should delight more than one.

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