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West Sluts Game Review: the best adventure porn game

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West Sluts

Do you like games like Red Dead Redemption or Wild West TV shows, a bit like Westworld? Then you will love the porn game West Sluts! In this post we reveal all the secrets about this porn game that mixes cowboys, pretty girls and sex simulator game. Ready to become a real cowboy who fucks without taboo all the girls in the saloon?

One of the best western sex games

West Sluts is an adult western sex game. All western fans will love all the references found in this game. The graphics of West Sluts are very elaborate and it really helps to immerse yourself in the game. With this game you're clearly not going to be bored and you're not going to see time go by.

Do you have a lot of fantasies to fulfill? That's good because with this game you're going to be able to fulfill a lot of them. The advantage of this kind of porn game is that there are no taboos and you can do whatever you want to the girls you meet.

If you are over 18 and you have the soul of a real cowboy then you will be able to enjoy the erotic gameplay of this free porn game.

Create the cowgirl of your dreams

Before we get down to business, you'll have to create the girl of your dreams. No matter what your favorite style of woman is, you will find the ideal girl among the models that will be proposed to you. Then you can proceed to the personalization stage. Many options are available, so you'll be spoilt for choice!

 So many options are available that you will be able to make your partner super sexy! Does a porn actress make you fantasize? Don't worry, customize the girl to make her look like your favorite porn actress! We already told you, with West Sluts there are no taboos. Moreover, the girl you create will be very docile and will comply with all your requirements or fantasies.

Become a cowboy with no taboos

Once you have chosen and personalized your virtual sex partner you can get down to business. That is to say you can walk around the wild west like a real cowboy and fuck the most beautiful girls or even fight your enemies. In the game the girls are just waiting to be fucked. Some of them have done something wrong, so all you have to do is correct them for their bad deeds!

West Sluts gameplay

The gameplay of this porn game has not been botched by the developers. The 3D graphics and animations are very realistic. The girls are so hot that you really want to fuck them. The sex scenes in this game suit your preferences, whether you like hard and violent sex or rather soft and romantic sex. The gameplay of this game mixes porn, adventure and strategy. Interesting for an adult xxx game isn't it?

A Red Dead Redemption porn parody

Have you ever played Red Dead Redemption? Looking for some kind of Red Dead Redemption porn game? Clearly West Sluts should appeal to you! The typical Western American atmosphere integrated in a good porn game won't leave you speechless.

Will you be able to gain respect in this ruthless world full of thugs? Can you also fuck all the cowgirls and other prostitutes in the saloon?

Or maybe a Westworld sex game?

If you don't know Red Dead Redemption maybe you know the TV show Westworld. In West Sluts you will find a little bit of the same atmosphere. Just like in Westworld you will be able to fuck sexy humanoids that are more real than life. And of course, all this without taboo. So, what are you waiting for to make your fantasies come true?

Take advantage of the free registration to create your 3D character and fuck the most beautiful women of the far west without any limits! Play now to the Westworld porn game parody!

West Sluts game review: is this game legit?

We really loved the ultra-realistic graphics that bring a lot of sensations. As geeks we're fans of Red Read Redemption, so we were kind of forced to try West Sluts. And frankly, for a porn game it's not bad at all. It's amazing how porn games have evolved. No more flash games with a mediocre design now even sex games use 3D graphics like the ones in classic video games.

Another good thing about West Sluts is the wide choice of customization. Seriously, we could spend hours just on customizing our sex partner... With this game you are free to choose everything.

This game is suitable for all preferences, whether you like soft sex or even rough hardcore sex... West Sluts caters for all tastes.

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