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Craving Quest : Best action-RPG with Hentai sex scenes

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Craving Quest

Are you a hentai gamer who dreams of playing with huge Oppais? Are you a fan of fantasy universes where demons rub shoulders with elves and pretty creatures? For your naughty evenings, if you are tired of glossy magazines and pornographic videos, then set your heart on a video game like Craving Quest. Between heroic adventures and erotic scenes on an island paradise, this sex game will fulfill your fantasies. Here is our verdict on this hentai game.

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Craving Quest in a few words

Craving Quest is one of the free sex games whose story takes place on Sky Island in a fantasy world where demons, elves, gods, humans and other creatures live together. Vanessa, the goddess of Genesis, responsible for maintaining the balance between darkness and light, falls into a deep sleep. She finds herself unable to rule her territory. This is a boon to demons and evil creatures whose actions threaten the balance of the various kingdoms.

hentai porn game craving quest

The goddess manages to ask for help from 3 adventurers, childhood friends Jacques, Zoe and Achille. Their mission: to fight all the enemies of Sky Island and save the kingdoms. Throughout their journey, the heroes will meet sexy and naughty female characters
along their journey, the heroes will meet sexy and naughty female characters with whom they can have a hot time in this hentai game.

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About the gameplay of Craving Quest

Craving Quest is a pretty well thought RPG or role playing game. On the main menu, the player has about twenty options. Playing this hentai game is quite simple: you just have to follow the instructions in the tutorial and it's done. If the gameplay is not revolutionary, we must admit that it is dynamic with a well elaborated combat system. The opponents are not only numerous and different, but also their level evolves as you progress in this hentai game. Each character has his own abilities and can launch special effects.

The story is divided into 7 chapters that the player must explore. During your journey, you will meet many characters among which more than twenty pretty ladies who feed the sexual intrigue. You will have the right to forty or so fuck scenes throughout this hentai game. The icing on the cake, the game offers the possibility to challenge your friends or other players in the arena, the colosseum, during their final competition.

The succession of events and the sequence of actions in this hentai game will delight the purists of the RPG genre.

Craving Quest gameplay

What is the goal of the game?

In this manga porn game, the player must help the kingdoms whose balance is weakened by the actions of evil creatures and dark forces. To achieve this, you must complete missions and fight battles in order to obtain rewards, which can be in the form of sexual favors.

As for the missions, the player must find a lost object or fight an enemy or solve a puzzle. These different quests allow you to boost your performance and make the encounters with the female characters evolve. You will be able to indulge your fantasies with the 27 girls who have their own sex scenes.

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Game details

Craving Quest is one of those hentai games in which nothing or almost nothing has been left to chance. From the graphics to the sound effects and the animations, the studio Super H Game, designer of the title, has produced a little visual gem.

The graphics

The character designs (heroes, heroines and monsters) are well done and quite detailed. The armors and costumes have impressive designs. These are all ingredients that help to have an immersive hentai game.

Craving Quest stands out from many hentai RPGs because of its elaborate erotic scenes. They have something to appeal to porn and thrill seekers.

The sound effects

At the beginning of the game, the moans of a young lady welcome the player. The player is immediately immersed in the sexual atmosphere and knows what to expect in the Craving Quest universe. If the soundtrack is great, the dialogues, the voices of the characters and the music of the fights are also a success. What about the sound effects of the hentai scenes? They bring a plus to the game and allow to live intense and exciting moments.

The animation

The gameplay is well thought out and dynamic and offers good quality 3D fights. The ultimate skills of the different characters of the game show fluid and pleasant movements. As for the hentai scenes, they make this game even more exciting. They make players want to explore the whole game world to find new and sexier creatures.

The length of the game

If Craving Quest is inspired by behemoths like World of Zelda and Final Fantasy, this hentai game also has the ingredients of classic RPGs with quests and puzzles that can confuse many. Some parts of the hentai game can however be finished quite quickly, depending on the player's level. In any case, the estimated time to complete the story mode is about 200 hours over 3 months. This time does not include missions and arena tournaments.

free online hentai sex game

How to play this hentai game?

Craving Quest is an online game. So you need a good connection to play it. The access is free, but the Erogames website which hosts the game limits the access to its contents to adults.

The player has at his disposal a hundred characters to compose his team. Throughout this hentai game, you will have the opportunity to live intimate moments with various creatures. The hentai scenes provide a good dose of adrenaline and raise the temperature. Fans of adventure porn and oppai will be pleasantly served. During the adventure, the player will discover secrets about the 3 main characters. These will be useful to realize your fantasies and spend hot evenings in front of your screen.

To play this hentai RPG, you must first register. Creating an account not only gives you the possibility to enter the world of Craving Quest, but also to have access to all Erogames games. How does it work? On the home page of the site, click on the game and press "register". Now a dialog box will open. It contains the registration options. You have the option of creating your own account on the site or linking your Facebook account to Erogames.

Erogames requires a username, a password and a valid email address. Once this step is completed, the player accesses the game and chooses a nickname and team name. If you have trouble finding names, the system can help you by offering several choices.

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Is Craving Quest free?

Craving Quest is a free-to-play game. So you can play it without spending any money. The game offers rewards in the form of play money that allows you to make virtual purchases. You have the possibility to buy all kinds of items (weapons, armors...) to make your fighters more efficient and to have a more exciting immersion in the story mode.

The evolution in this universe may however require some expenses. For example, access to certain abilities and special equipment is not free. Also, to unlock certain characters or make faster progress in the game, real money must be paid. These purchases are not forced on players. It's all up to you. You can have an exciting experience in Craving Quest for free. You will already have a lot to enjoy.

Free porn game Craving Quest

Conclusion and review of Craving Quest

Combining fighting and adventure porn in a fantasy world is quite a challenge taken up with brilliance by the studio Super H Game. This free porn game offers enough content to keep the player busy for months, with hentai scenes ranging from soft to hard.

All the sexual relations that your character will have throughout this hentai game are mutual and consenting. You will be able to realize a wide range of fantasies among the 43 sex scenes present in the game.

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