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Fucknite: The Fortnite Porn Parody Game

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Fucknite is Fortnite's brand new parodic porn game. It's the very first sex game that uses the codes and graphics of the famous Fortnite game while adding a ton of hardcore sex for porn game lovers. If you like interactive sex games you will enjoy Fucknite!

A Fortnite-style sex simulator

Fucknite is halfway between a sex simulation game, a survival game and a shooting game. You take Fortnite, add some hardcore sex scenes and you get the Fucknite porn game. This game is one of the most addictive porn games on the internet. You will be able to fuck all the characters in this game.

A multiplayer porn game

What would Fucknite be without multiplayer? Not much, we grant you that... Thanks to the multiplayer mode you will be able to play with players all over the world. Last but not least, you'll be able to fuck with characters from all over the world... Of course, there's also a single player mode if you prefer to play alone in your own corner.

Fucknite review: what do we think about it?

The game is really easy to play. Registration only takes a few seconds. The game is quite impressive from a graphical point of view. When you think about porn games you don't necessarily expect beautiful 3D graphics. Well with Fucknite we were quite pleasantly surprised.

Fucknite may be a little too addictive. When you launch the game you can easily spend hours without seeing the time running by. If you’re looking for a Fortnite porn game then Fucknite is definitely the best game for you! Moreover, this sex game is available on PC, android and iphone. What are you waiting for to play this brand-new sex game?

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